Friday, January 16, 2009

Are We in the Bahamas Yet?

What a difference from last Friday!! Yesterday we went from zero F at 6am, to 40 ABOVE by 9am!! The snow was melting, sliding off of the roof, chinook winds blowing the snow off of the trees, you would think it was Spring instead of Winter!! I am just thankful for the warm weather, I promised God that I would not complain, (which I shouldn't do anyway, right?), no matter how hot it got, if He would just warm it up! WELL, warm it up, HE HAS!!

We are getting ready for Wesley's girlfriend to come stay for the week-end. She lives in Delta Junction, an hour and a half away. This will be the first time that Denali and I have met her. We have talked over the phone and she seems to be a very sweet girl. Wesley was so excited that he had trouble sleeping last night. We are looking forward to a good time together.

Have a good, safe and Blessed week-end!
Don't forget The Sabbath!

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