Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So much has happened since January! The Lord has been so good! Wesley has graduated from high school, off to college in Tennnessee; Denali is in the 5th grade, has moved into her brother's room, it has been painted/decorated for an almost 11 year old Victorian Cowgirl! The Lord has provided a wonderful Christian woman to train/teach Denali in the care/riding of horses! This is a dream come true for her! The Lord has provided a job for Ed, at the same place/warehouse, after his company lost their gov't contracts and he was laid off! We, in Alaska, have had a true fall! It is November 11, and this is the first week of below zero temperatures, at night! Truly Amazing!!

Ed and I are coming up on our 25th wedding anniversary on the 17th! He has taken off, today through next Monday to be home! That is the best present I/we could have!!!!

Have a great rest of the week! I will try to be more consistent in my blogging.

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  1. Hope your holidays were wonderful....Just saw your link through our blog and wanted to check it out...Have a great 2010!!