Friday, January 9, 2009


It is Friday, the current temp is-58F, after a night low of -66F. I have been up most of the night, insulating the utility room -between water pipes and the walls, anywhere that I felt cold air coming in; then I did around the bathtub and behind it, which is under the basement staircase landing. I didn't think I was going to get out of there-I get claustrophobic in tight places. Let me back up to say that our Pastor/friend came by yesterday to see what help he might offer in reference to the pipes freezing. He pulled out all of the insulation that had been under the staircase, as it was not put in correctly and just stuffed in there any 'ol way; and was blocking the air from getting to the tub water pipes. Well, last night, no matter what -I could not get the basement even half way warm. So, I prayed ,"Lord help me, give me wisdom and show me what to do to fix the problem. " So, I started in the utility room, it is off of the basement, as it was like ice-we have to keep the door open in the winter so the pipes don't freeze up-or usually they don't unless it gets frigid as it has been the past two weeks. The Lord showed me all of the places with cold air coming in, and I plugged them up with insulation; then I kept feeling cold air coming in, under the staircase, so I crawled underneath and started plugging up all of the cold spots under it. I also did around the underneath of the tub -that is the back of the tub under the staircase. About 30 minutes later, the tub water finally thawed out!! Praise Jesus for His Wisdom, Help, Provision and Strength!! It is warmer than before. Hallelujah!

I am now waiting for the hot water heater to give some hot water for a shower! Then off to bed for a nap! Wesley came home last evening, the housesitting job is over!!! So, he can watch the woodstoves while I nap!

It is supposed to warm up Sunday or Monday! Lord, May it be so!!

Have a great week-end and don't forget to honor God with the Sabbath!

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