Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride!

The temps started falling about midnight, and by 6:30, had fallen to -42F. The ONE predictable thing about Alaska is that the weather is definitely UNPREDICTABLE!! Even the meterologists have trouble forecasting the weather, as it changes not just daily, but often, hourly! Thankfully, we have food, wood for heat, ran errands yesterday, water, a home, clothing-and the Good Lord will take care of the rest!

It was wonderful, yesterday, just to have a respite from the extreme cold! No matter how long one lives in Alaska, the extreme cold is never easy to deal with or to get accustomed to!

I am still trying to upload photos, but have dial up modem, so it is difficult to do.

We are looking forward to Wesley's homecoming on Friday, as his housesitting job will be completed. We really miss him when he is gone! It is a forerunner of how we are going to miss him when he is at college! We will have our own waterfall of tears! Time goes by too quickly!! At the time, two hour feedings during infancy, toddlerhood, and the other "childhood phases" seem like they will never end! Yet, when looking back, it has all gone by so swiftly. We pray that God covers our mistakes, and in spite of them, Wesley will always know how loved he is and has been by his family! Forgive my reminiscing, as he was/is our first Miracle from the Lord! We/I have loved every minute of being his parent(s)! Speaking of roller coaster rides, Wesley has given us the ride of our lives! WE LOVE YOU SON!!

Have a safe, warm day!

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